Working Groups

The Elcano Royal Institute’s working groups are one of its greatest assets. They are characterised by a method of working that allows the incorporation of input from a wide range of experts from different business, academic, professional and ideological backgrounds.
 Members meet under the Chatham House Rule and receive a personal, non-transferable invitation from the director of the working group. 

The following working groups will meet in 2022: 

1. Spanish Foreign Policy, directed by Ignacio Molina 

2. Disinformation and Hybrid Threats, directed by Félix Arteaga and Ángel Badillo 

3. Climate and Energy, directed by Gonzalo Escribano and Lara Lázaro 

4. Cyberpolitics, directed by Félix Arteaga 

5. Migration, the Demographic Challenge and Rural Depopulation, directed by Carmen González-Enríquez 

6. International Economics, directed by Federico Steinberg and Miguel Otero 

7. Conference on the Future of Europe, directed by Ignacio Molina 

8. Spain and the Mediterranean, directed by Haizam Amirah Fernández 

9. Latin America, directed by Carlos Malamud 

10. The 2030 Agenda, directed by Iliana Olivié 

11. The China-US-EU Strategic Triangle, directed by Mario Esteban 

12. Ecosystem of the Presence and Influence of Spain in Brussels, directed by Luis Simón 

13. Technology Transformations, directed by Raquel Jorge 

14. Gender Equality and International Relations, directed by María Solanas