Executive Committee

The Executive Committee is the Foundation’s executive arm, delegated by the Board of Trustees and responsible for fulfilling its directives. It is headed by the President of the Board of Trustees and its members are chosen to represent the trustee companies and Ministries.

Among its functions are oversight of compliance with the goals and budget, the programming of activities deemed to be of interest but not provided for in the Action Plan, proposing new members and the basic criteria for signing new agreements and protocols. It is also responsible for establishing the distribution and application of available resources among the Foundation’s goals, within the general guidelines set out by the Board of Trustees. It meets six times a year.

Executive Committee Members

José Juan Ruiz
Elcano Royal Institute
María Dolores de Cospedal
Deputy Chair
Elcano Royal Institute
Ángeles Moreno Bau
State Secretary for Foreign and Global Affairs
Ministry Foreign Affairs, European Union, and Cooperation
Almirante Juan Francisco Martínez Núñez
Secretary General for Defence Policy
Ministry of Defence
Jordi Martí Grau
Secretary of State for Culture
Ministry of Culture
Gonzalo García Andrés
Secretary of State for Economic Affairs and Business Support
Ministry of Economic Affairs and Digital Transformation
Miguel Arias Cañete
Representative of the Popular Party (PP)
Luis Gimeno
General Counsel
Jorge Domecq
Director of Institutional Relations of Airbus in Spain and Strategic Advisor
Airbus Group
Matilde García Duarte
General Coordinator
Ayuntamiento de Madrid (Madrid City Council)
Francisco-Javier Priego Pérez
General Secretary
Banco de España
John Rutherford
Director of Institutional Relations
Enric Fernández
Head of Strategic Planning and Research
Inmaculada Riera
Cámara de Comercio de España
Luc Steuns
Head of Strategy and Sustainability
Jorge Montero
Chief of Strategy
Corporación Hijos de Rivera
Jesús Saldaña
Enagás International General Manager
José Casas Marín
General Manager of Institutional Affairs and Regulatory Iberia
Gabriel Coloma
R&D Director
Escribano Mechanical & Engineering
Íñigo Osoro
Vice President & Chief Marketing Officer
IBM España
Mario Ruiz-Tagle
Iberdrola España
Jaime Rivas
Associate Director of Government Affairs
Insud Pharma
Raul Estradera Vázquez
General Director of Institutional Relations
Lorenzo Cooklin Díaz
Deputy Director General of Communication, Institutional Relations and CSR
Mutua Madrileña
Jordi García Tabernero
Managing Director of Communication and Institutional Relations
Naturgy Foundation
Gregorio Garvía Arrogante
Advisor to the Executive Chairman
Antonio Rubio
Secretary General
Pilar Oviedo Cabrillo
Deputy Director General for the Chairman’s Office
Ángel Luis Bautista Fernández
Corporate Director of Institutional Relations
Juan Manuel Cendoya
Vice-Chairman of the Board of Santander Spain
Banco Santander
David Redoli Morchón
Head of Institutional Relations
Jesús Valero Congil
Managing Director
Trinidad Jiménez
Global Strategy Director of Public Affairs
Charles Powell
Elcano Royal Institute