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Ángel Badillo, PhD, is Senior Analyst on Spanish Language and Culture at the Real Instituto Elcano (since 2013), research fellow of the Iberoamerican Institute of the University of Salamanca (since 2005) and faculty member of the Social Sciences School and the Global Governance PhD program of the University of Salamanca (since 2007). He taught Graduate courses in Culture and Communication at Syracuse University and directed the MBA Program on Cultural Companies and Institutions of Santillana Formacion. He has also been visiting fellow at the universities of Paris 8 and 13, Université de Québec à Montréal (Canada), University of Southern California (USA), UNAM (México) or National University of Quilmes (Argentina), among others. He served as president of the Latin-American Union of Political Economy of Culture and Communications (ULEPICC) and Director of the Structures and Policies section of the Spanish national association of communication research (AE-IC).

Research areas: his research areas are focused on the study of soft power, cultural diplomacy, industrial and cultural policies from the perspective of the political economy of information, communication and culture, and the transformations of culture in the context of digital convergence. His works have appeared in numerous monographs, professional and scientific journals.

Selected publications: Torres y muros frente al multiculturalismo: hispanos y español en la presidencia de Donald Trump” (ARI 11/2018, Elcano Royal Institute); “El Instituto Cervantes y la diplomacia cultural en España: una reflexión sobre el modelo” (with Emilio Lamo de Espinosa, Elcano Royal Institute, 2016); “The difficulty of measuring culture and diversity. Comparison of three international models of cultural measurement: FCS-2009, ESSnet-2012 and CAB-2015” (with Marta Fuertes, 2016); “Los latinos y las industrias culturales en español en Estados Unidos” (with Jessica Retis, DT 01/2015, Elcano Royal Institute), “Las políticas públicas de acción cultural exterior de España” (EEE 19/2014, Elcano Royal Institute).


  • Presentation of a study on "Spanish language education in South Korea: towards a new scenario?" (2022)

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