Action Plan

The Elcano Royal Institute’s Action Plan for 2022 is based on the ten key thematic priorities identified by the Institute for its research over the course of the year. These priorities are complemented by five cross-cutting and interrelated themes (cities, culture, gender, migration and health), which inform our work more generally. 

As the Elcano Royal Institute marks its twentieth year, we aim to strengthen its analysis and research by concentrating our effort, human capital and resources on the issues we believe are essential to understand major global trends and how they affect the role of Spain in the world. 

In addition to their relevance in terms of the global outlook, the thematic and cross-cutting priorities for our research will allow us to highlight the role of Spain as a global actor with clear positions and as a country that has repeatedly shown its capacity and desire to participate in the big debates on the challenges facing the international community and to help shape the measures required to address them.

The Elcano Royal Institute has been working in some of these areas for a number of years, resulting in numerous specific projects and publications. In others, we have sought to identify new themes related to the transformations and trends that will be key going forward. We are also interested in developing our own products and tools for analysis, which strengthen the development and impact of the Institute. In 2022, the Elcano Royal Institute is launching its new IT platform, which will improve the communications process for our activities and publications, making our communication more comprehensive, engaging and effective. 

Of the many activities and initiatives planned for the coming year, two merit special attention.

The first is a commemorative book on the feat achieved by Juan Sebastián Elcano and Ferdinand Magallanes 500 years ago. The book has been produced in close cooperation with the Centre for International Studies at the University Institute of Lisbon. It is our contribution to the official programme of the national commission set up to commemorate the 500th anniversary of the first circumnavigation of the globe.

The second is a series of initiatives to commemorate the 40th anniversary of the accession of Spain to the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO). The anniversary coincides with the launch of the new Strategic Concept of the transatlantic alliance, which will be marked by a major international seminar at the same times as the NATO summit in Madrid in 2022. 

Our Action Plan for 2022 is structured around ten research areas: 

1. Globalisation, development and governance

2. Challenges to international peace and security 

3. Democracy and citizenship 

4. Climate and the energy transition 

5. Technology and economic transformations 

6. The future of Europe 

7. Latin America: a global actor 

8. China’s rise, the US and the new world order 

9. Neighbourhood challenges and opportunities 

10. Influence and image of Spain 

The Action Plan outlines the approach and philosophy that will guide the development of each of these thematic priorities, setting out the key areas for work, alongside specific content.

Download the Action Plan 2022 – Spanish version ( 454KB – PDF)