Corporate Members’ Programme

The Elcano Royal Institute’s Corporate Members’ Programme provides public and private organisations and enterprises with rigorous analysis of the risks and opportunities present in the global geostrategic context, as well as a unique environment for engaging in dialogue with political, business, and academic leaders, both from Spain and abroad. All this is designed to pave the way to their involvement in the development of innovative proposals, manifesting themselves in specific initiatives.

Participation in the Corporate Members’ Programme exists at various levels of partnership with the Institute’s organisational and funding structure. It offers services aimed at favouring the geostrategic prospects of the organisation involved, strengthening the professional relationships of its members, and building public awareness stemming from its involvement in the Elcano Royal Institute’s work.

Some of the activities featured in the Programme include:

  • Working sessions. Restricted sessions and meetings covering critical short-, medium- and long-term issues, in accordance with the scope of the company’s activity.
  • Bilateral meetings. With national and international experts and figures related to the activities of the Foundation, both in Spain and at the Elcano Royal Institute’s offices in Brussels. This includes the possibility of the Corporate Programme member inviting a client or colleague.
  • Corporate meetings. Invitation to specific events for companies and member entities of the Foundation’s Corporate Programme, with key players on the Spanish, European and global stages.
  • Drafting analyses. Preparation of ad hoc studies and reports, within the framework of the Elcano Royal Institute’s lines of work.
  • Invitation to working breakfasts and groups. Covering Spanish foreign policy, European political and economic governance, global challenges and threats and the position and image of Spain abroad, with national and international experts.
  • International events. Invitations to accompany the Institute’s experts and analysts on international research and conference trips, with dialogue at the highest level.
  • Joint organisation of seminars. On strategic issues for the partner entity. 
  • Preferential access. To the Institute’s conferences and other public events.
  • Publications. Free copies of the Elcano Royal Institute’s online and printed publications.
  • Recognition. Acknowledgement, visibility and branding in the Institute’s publicity material, website, publications, and Annual Report.