Working Groups

Group of people at the hybrid (face-to-face and virtual) meeting of the Discussion Group with Julie Brill (Microsoft), held in the meeting room of the Elcano Royal Institute in December 2022. © Elcano Royal Institute

The Elcano Royal Institute’s Working Groups are one of its biggest assets. Their method of working allows them to canvas the views of a wide range of experts from different business, academic, professional and political backgrounds.

‘The level of reflection of the Working Groups helps us address complex challenges.’

Gabriel López Serrano, Director of Regulation, Microsoft

One of the biggest strengths of the Elcano Royal Institute’s Working Groups is the private space they provide to discuss issues. Members meet under the Chatham House Rule and receive a personal, non-transferable invitation from the Director of the Working Group.

The Institute’s Action Plan for 2023 includes the following working groups:

1. The Spanish Presidency of the Council of the European Union – directed by Ignacio Molina
Ignacio Molina
2. Latin America – directed by Carlos Malamud.
Carlos Malamud
3. Brazil – directed by Carlos Malamud.
Carlos Malamud
4. Mexico – directed by Carlos Malamud.
Carlos Malamud
5. Climate and Energy – directed by Lara Lázaro and Gonzalo Escribano.
Lara Lazaro  Gonzalo Escribano.jpg
6. International Economics – directed by Miguel Otero and Federico Steinberg.
Miguel Otero  Federico Steinberg
7. Spanish-US Bilateral Relations – directed by Carlota García-Encina.
Carlota Garcia
8. The China-US-EU Strategic Triangle – directed by Mario Esteban.
Mario Esteban
9. Technology Transformations – directed by Raquel Jorge.
Raquel Jorge
10. Cybersecurity – directed by Félix Arteaga and Javier Alonso Lecuit.
Felix Arteaga  Javier Alonso
11. Global Health – directed by Pedro Alonso.
Pedro Alonso
12. The Ecosystem of Spain’s Presence and Influence in Brussels – directed by Luis Simón.
Luis Simon
13. Spain and the Maghreb – directed by Haizam Amirah-Fernández.
Haizam Amirah
14. Disinformation and Hybrid Threats – directed by Angel Badillo and Mira Milosevich.
Angel Badillo  Mira Millosevich Juaristi
15. Gender Equality and International Relations – directed by María Solanas.
Maria Solanas web
16. Security and Defense – directed by Félix Arteaga.
Félix Arteaga web

‘Access to high-quality information, dialogue with international experts and a space for addressing issues that are strategic for both governments and corporations are just some of the many benefits of the Elcano Working Groups.’

David Redoli, Director of Institutional Relations, Solaria

Companies on the Institute’s Corporate Members’ Programme can choose which groups to participate in, in line with their relation to the Institute and their specific interests.