Thursday, 23rd January 2023, from 12:00 to 13:30 h. CET (UTC+1)

Venue: Fundación Botín, c/ Castelló nº 18 C, Madrid.

It is one year since the brutal and illegal Russian invasion of Ukraine. Russia has failed to achieve its main objectives: to conquer Ukraine, overthrow its government and alienate the neighboring country from the European Union and the Atlantic Alliance. The invasion has strengthened both, the transatlantic relationship and Ukraine’s ties with the West that aid and support it economically, militarily and politically. Russia’s military failures on the battlefield thanks to the heroic resistance of the Ukrainians, and NATO’s enlargement into Finland and Sweden reflect Russia’s strategic defeat in this conflict.


The war has entered the phase of attrition and will most likely become a protracted war. The round table aims to define the military and (geo)political lessons of the conflict for Ukraine, Russia as well as for Europe, the United States and the transatlantic relationship


Hashtag: #Ucrania2023

– The event will be held in Spanish without simultaneous translation

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