NATO and European-ROK global cooperation on security

nato and european rok global cooperation on security

In the context of the political and strategic rapprochement between NATO and its Asia-Pacific (AP4) allies, increased during the 2022 NATO Madrid Summit, this public seminar, organized in collaboration with the Korean Foundation, brought together government officials from South Korea, Japan, Spain and Europe, business representatives and academic experts to share and disseminate perspectives between countries on the benefits of greater like-minded security cooperation between the European members of NATO and the AP4, focusing on the special alliance of South Korea.

To do so, they have elaborated on the strategic interconnectivity between Europe and the Indo-Pacific and detailed shared views on the role of NATO-PA4 cooperation in promoting European and PA4 strategic interests and global influence. In addition, practical opportunities for cooperation and challenges related to “soft” and “hard” security aspects, including cyber and maritime security, industrial cooperation and security on the Korean Peninsula, were discussed.

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