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Enrique Feás is Senior Analyst at the Elcano Royal Institute, independent consultant, Adjunct Professor at the IE University and IE School of Global and Public Affairs. He is a State Economist and Trade Expert (Técnico Comercial y Economista del Estado), currently on leave. Previously he has worked as Economic and Commercial Counsellor at the Embassies of Spain in the Philippines and in Egypt, Deputy Director General for Trade Policy with Mediterranean Countries, Africa and Middle East, Senior Advisor for Economic International Affairs for the Vice President and Minister of Economy, deputy head of the Trade Research Department of the Ministry of Trade and Deputy Director of the economic journals of Información Comercial Española. He is founder and co-editor of the economic policy blog Blog NewDeal, columnist in the digital newspaper Vozpópuli and co-author of the book La Unión hace la fuerza: Europa ante los desafíos del siglo XXI. He is also a frequent contributor to the Spanish and international media.

Research areas: expert in international economics and the European Union, in matters of globalization, economic and financial governance, trade policy and global value chains, economic and monetary integration in Europe, economic disintegration (Brexit), Next Generation EU and Recovery and Resilience Plans.

Selected publications: The State of the Fiscal Union in the Eurozone. Are We Closer to a ‘Hamiltonian’ Moment (in F. Fernández Méndez de Andés (ed.), The Euro Yearbook 2021, 2021). La Unión Europea tras la pandemia (ed.), ICE, Revista de Economía, No. 916 (2020), European trade policy in a changing international environment (Informe Elcano N.º 26). Elcano Royal Institute, La Unión hace la fuerza: Europa ante los desafíos del siglo XXI (coord., with Álvaro Anchuelo y Federico Steinberg, Deusto, 2019).


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