José Juan Ruiz

José Juan Ruiz Gómez, Chairman, Elcano Royal Institute
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José Juan Ruiz (1957), currently Chairman of the Elcano Royal institute, has been a member of its Scientific Council for a decade. An economist by training, he is a member of the Spanish Civil Service. Throughout his professional life he has held positions in the Ministry of the Economy and in the private sector –as Chief Economist of Argentaria, AFI and Banco Santander Latin America–, while more recently he was Chief Economist and Director of Research at the Inter-American Development Bank. He is currently a member of the Economic Affairs Advisory Council of the Spanish Government’s First Deputy Prime Minister.

He has extensive experience in international organisations and has been a board member of various public and private companies and a University lecturer. He also served as President of the Social Council of the University of Castilla-La Mancha. A frequent contributor to the media, he has been a member of the editorial boards of Política Exterior, Prisa and Grupo Recoletos.


  • Roundtable 'Geopolitics of sports and soft power' (2024)
  • Presentation of the Elcano Report ‘The European economic model amid the return of geopolitics: diagnosis and proposals for reform’ (2024)
  • Workshop ‘The reform of the European electricity market’ (2024)
  • Presentation of the Elcano Report ‘Why does Latin America matter?’ (2024)
  • Seminar ‘Why does Latin America matter?’ (2024)
  • Annual Event of the Spanish Committee of the World Energy Council (CECME)“Energy and climate futures: Green industrial policies in a fragmented world” (2023)
  • Presentation of the Elcano Report ‘Why does Latin America matter?’ (2023)
  • Conversation with Nadia Calviño and Sigrid Kaag on ‘Building alliances for a more resilient European economy’ (2023)
  • Spanish Pre-Presidency Conference (2023)
  • Conversation with Nadia Calviño and Fernando Medina on ‘Economic priorities for Europe in 2023’ (2023)
  • Conversation with Nadia Calviño and Mairead McGuinness on ‘Key topics for financial stability in Europe’ (2022)
  • 9th Elcano Forum on Global Terrorism  “Terrorism-related extremisms in the West: Emerging and persisting challenges” (2022)
  • Annual Event of the World Energy Council, “Energy and Climate Futures: Europe after the energy crisis" (2022)
  • Presentation of the Elcano Global Presence Report 2022 (2022)
  • Rountable ‘European security after Ukraine: The role of defence innovation’  (2022)
  • Seminar ‘Geopolitical pathways for the energy transition: Middle East’ (2022)
  • #EncuentrosElcano with Josep Borrell (2022)
  • Webinar ‘Envisioning a future EU-Japan Digital Partnership: A stepping stone towards greater influence in the digital transition?’ (2022)
  • Conversation with Guillermo Larraín on the occasion of the publication of his book “The stability of the social contract in Chile” (2022)
  • Presentation Elcano Policy Paper "Industrializar la digitalización" (2022)
  • Conversation with Nadia Calviño and Paschal Donohoe on the “Opportunities for the euro area in the context of the recovery” (2022)
  • Online presentation event Elcano Policy Paper "A proposal to reform the EU’s fiscal rules" (2022)

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