General information

  1. Project name: RAN Policy Support
  2. Title: Technical Support to Prevent and Counter Radicalisation, for Policy Makers and Researchers: Support and Exchanges on Radicalisation”
  3. Objective: The policy oriented RAN-Policy Support project provides support to the European Commission and EU Member States in the development of the European agenda for the prevention of violent radicalization (P/CVE). As part of the Consortium,  Elcano Royal Institute is coordinator of the Functional Unit dedicated to Research and Innovation. In addition, it contributes to the project through the production of specialized papers and the organization of research and dissemination activities.
  4. Agreement no: HOME/2019/ISFP/PR/RADX/0075
  5. Duration: January 2021- December 2024 (47 months)


The European Commission – DG Home has awarded the contract— Technical Support to Prevent and Counter Radicalisation, for Policy Makers and Researchers: Support and Exchanges on Radicalisation”. This contract is formed by consortium led by CIVIPOL including 16 partners from 9 member states, ranging from public authorities to private companies, renowned academics, think-tanks and foundations active in preventing and fighting against violent radicalisation.

The renewal of the EU Commission’s Radicalisation Awareness Network (RAN) contract allows for the commencement of the second phase of this project (RAN 2021). This project encourages a better sharing of ideas that will improve contact between thousands of first-line practitioners, numerous law enforcement agencies and various national administrations. The RAN project is an “umbrella network”, or network of networks and provides a platform for practitioners to gather and share best practices in countering radicalisation leading to violent extremism.

Phase 2 of the contract will touch upon multiple sensitive topics such as the spread of violent extremist ideologies online and offline, polarisation in local communities, management of foreign terrorist fighters and their families, radicalisation in prisons and the rehabilitation of ex-offenders.

About RAN

The RAN is a network of frontline practitioners who work daily with both those vulnerable to radicalisation and those who have already been radicalised. As civil society representatives, social workers, youth workers, teachers, healthcare professionals, local authority representatives, police officers and prison officers, they are engaged in both preventing and countering violent extremism in all its forms and rehabilitating and reintegrating violent extremists.

The RAN organises a number of thematic Working Groups for frontline practitioners so that they may share their extensive knowledge, first-hand experiences and approaches with one another, and peer review each other’s work. The RAN also produces a series of publications, which are shared with its network of frontline practitioners, which both highlight the lessons learned, insights and recommendations from Working Group meetings, and consolidate RAN’s knowledge and expertise.

Since it was founded in 2011, the RAN has attracted over 6,000 practitioners, who collectively represent all EU Member State.

Further information: RAN website.