Sofía Tirado Sarti


Sofía Tirado Sarti is an Analyst in the Energy and Climate Programme at the Elcano Royal Institute and Lecturer in Quantitative Economics at various Spanish universities. She holds a Ph.D. in Economics and MSc in Public Economics from the Madrid’s Complutense University. She received the Royal Academy of Doctors in Spain & AECA Best Doctoral Thesis Award. She was analyst for the Aquae Chair in Water Economics and the UNESCO Chair on Water and Peace. She has participated in various research groups and projects, including the EU Horizon 2020 Project “B-WaterSmart: Accelerating Water Smartness in Coastal Europe” and the water and circular economy and water governance working groups of the National Environmental Congress (CONAMA).

Research areas: climate change, water economics, circular economy and applied econometrics.

Selected publications: “Will the Spanish regions converge in a near future? (co-authored with Flores de Frutos, R. y León Navarro, M.), Applied Economics 53.26 (2021): 3043-3053; “El agua en la Economía circular: indicadores de Circularidad” (co-authored with Pérez Zabaleta, A.), Economistas 181 (2023): 295-301; “El mercado de futuros de agua:  una nueva fórmula de reasignación del recurso” (co-authored with Pérez Zabaleta, A.), Economistas 182(2021).