For many years, a regional architecture centred on ASEAN was in the making in Asia-Pacific. The geostrategic rivalry between China and the US, which is behind the emergence of the concept of Indo-Pacific, is disturbing this architecture and generating new associations (QUAD, AUKUS, IPEF). After the past first session of the webcast series ‘The Indo-Pacific in the current international order’, organized by Casa Asia, CIDOB and the Elcano Royal Institute, during which we discussed the Chinese strategy for the Indo-Pacific, in this second session, we will review these new associations and address the question whether there is a place for the EU in this new architecture.


  • Mario Esteban, Senior Analyst, Elcano Royal Institute | @wizma9
  • Rafael Bueno, Politics, Society and Education Director, Casa Asia | @rafabueno59
  • Emilio de Miguel Calabia, Casa Asia-Madrid y Director and Ambassador at Large for the Indo-Pacific
  • moderador: Oriol Farrés, International Yearbook Coordinator, CIDOB | @Urifarres

Online event – Wednesday, 26th October 2020, from 17:00 to 18:00 h. CEST (UTC+2)