Bilateral relations between Germany and Spain are close and friendly due to numerous shared interests. One of the first international visits of the new Chancellor, Olaf Scholz, was to Spain. The new German Foreign Minister, Annalena Barbock, has also recently visited Madrid. An intensification of the bilateral relationship is of interest for both countries. This is the main reason why both Ministers of Foreign Affairs announced that they will work on a joint action plan. Thus, 2022 has the potential to become the year of Spanish-German relations.

Both governments are committed to the modernisation of their economic structures, by advancing in the digitalisation process and fighting climate change. Furthermore, maintain and develop Europe as a space of liberty, democracy and well-being is a shared objective. Solving the crisis in Ukraine is perhaps the most urgent challenge, especially for us Europeans, and requires decisive action by the international community. Germany and Spain need to play an important role in this context. What are the options on the table? What strategy should Germany and Spain pursue jointly with their European and international partners?

Welcome: José Juan Ruiz, Chairman, Elcano Royal Institute |  @ElcanoJjRuiz


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