The jihadist insurgency in Syria and Iraq is prompting since 2011 an unprecedented terrorist mobilisation in Western Europe. But this phenomenon is not affecting the concerned countries uniformly. Main purpose of this new edition of the Elcano Forum on Global Terrorism (EFGT) was to analyse the case of Spain and that of nine other European nations (Denmark, Finland, Sweden, Ireland, United Kingdom, Germany, Belgium, France and Italy), with a focus on the processes of radicalisation, recruitment and involvement inherent to such jihadist mobilisation and the terrorist threat it implies. Understanding differences between countries may have significant implications for antiterrorism policies.

Leading experts on each country were selected as speakers in the 3rd EFGT, organized by Elcano Royal Institute in collaboration with the Embassy of the United States and the Swedish Defense University. In addition to the panels included in this new edition of the EFGT, the Program on Global Terrorism at Elcano Royal Institute will be presenting an empirically substantiated document about the transformations of jihadism in Spain.

The 3rd EFGT was directed by Fernando Reinares and co-ordinated by Carola García-Calvo, respectively Senior Analyst and Analyst of the Program on Global Terrorism at Elcano Royal Institute.

Monday 16 November, 10am-7.15pm. Espacio Bertelsmann, O’Donnell 10, Madrid.