The Spanish Committee of the World Energy Council (Comité Español del Consejo Mundial de la Energía, CECME) celebrated a new edition of its now traditional Annual Conference under the title: “Governing Energy: the Atlantic Basin and Global Institutions”. This meeting was organized by CECME and the Spanish Energy Club (Enerclub), with the valuable support of Real Instituto Elcano (RIE) and Repsol’s sponsorship.

The conference tackled a wide range of different subjects, all of which need to be analyzed from a global and multidisciplinary perspective. To this end, top panelists – coming from both Spanish and international institutions of recognized prestige, not only in the energy sector but also in the economic, political, and social fields – participated in the different sessions.They discussed energy and the Atlantic Basin, the governance of energy institutions and the state of the climate negotiations. Moreover, the leaders of the member companies of CECME also shared their thoughts during the debate.

Thursday 19 November, 9am-5.15pm. Repsol Campus, Méndez Álvaro 44, Madrid.