Seminar organised by the Spain’s Biblioteca Nacional and the Elcano Royal Institute, with the participation of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation, ISGlobal and Oxfam Intermón. It aims to contribute to a new strategic vision for the Spanish cooperation framed by Agenda 2030.

The seminar follows the United Nations Sustainable Development Summit 2015, which took place last September. The participants agreed on 17 Sustainable Development Goals and an international agenda for achieving them before 2030.

3 November 2015, 9.30am-6.30pm.
Biblioteca Nacional de España, Paseo de Recoletos 20-22, Madrid.

Speech by Emilio Lamo de Espinosa, President of the Elcano Royal Institute (in Spanish)

YouTube. Real Instituto Elcano / Elcano Royal Institute Full event video (5:19:33)

PPT Cooperación española 2030: Relatoría. Presentation by Iliana Olivié, 3 November 2015