Whistleblower channel

The Elcano Royal Institute’s whistleblower channel provides a confidential and transparent way for staff at the Institute, as well as its collaborators and third parties, to communicate any behaviour that may involve wrongdoing, give rise to illegal activity or contravene the Institute’s good governance standards. The whistleblower channel can also be used to ask questions about the interpretation of the Institute’s good governance standards.

Concerns and queries should be submitted to buzonetico@rielcano.org.

All communications to the whistleblower channel are kept strictly confidential and the management of the Institute will be responsible for taking the necessary steps to investigate and deal with any reports. All investigations will guarantee the rights to privacy, defence and the presumption of innocence of parties under investigation.

In compliance with European data protection legislation (Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council), data provided through the whistleblower channel will be stored in a file owned by the Elcano Royal Institute. The file will only be used for handling communications received through this channel and for activities related to investigations to determine if any wrongdoing has been committed.