Manual of transparency and good practices

The Elcano Royal Institute is committed to ensuring the highest possible standards of management, transparency, good governance and access to information on the Institute.

In December 2019, the Institute completed the transparency and good practices accreditation process with the consultancy firm Lealtad Instituciones, following an evaluation to certify that the Institute fully meets seven principles of transparency and good practices:

1. The functioning and regulation of the governing body
2. Clarity and public availability of information on the organisation’s purpose
3. Planning and monitoring of the Institute’s activities
4. Accountability and accuracy of information
5. Transparency of financing
6. Controlling the use of funds
7. Compliance with legal obligations

The Elcano Royal Institute Manual of Transparency and Good Practices contains institutional information on the foundation, all the documentation related to these seven principles and details of the compliance procedures to ensure everyone in the organisation understands and complies with the principles of transparency and with good practices.