This book offers an up-to-date description of the Spanish economy and its newly globalized dimension. It provides readers not only with a clear description of the reality of the Spanish economy and a reliable interpretation of Spain’s real role in the world, but also underlines its weaknesses and potential vulnerabilities. Its chapters include data and analyses of the domestic economy and foreign trade, as well as information on education, immigration and demography. This book is devoted to –and written as– a contribution to decision makers and to actors in civil society, both in Spain and abroad. William Chislett, born in Oxford in 1951, was correspondent of The Times during the Spanish transition (1975-1978). From 1978 to 1984 he was in Mexico, covering Mexico and Central America for The Financial Times. Since 1986 he has lived in Madrid, where he has written several books, including “The Spanish Media since Franco”, “España: en busca del éxito”, “Spain: at a Turning Point” and “Spain at a Glance in 2001”. This is the first work in a collection of books and other publications to be published by the Real Instituto Elcano and which can be read on the web as part of “Publicaciones del Real Instituto Elcano”. Since many graphs and charts are included, it could take considerable time to download the entire file.