Global geopolitics is undergoing great transformations that affect us all. The Mediterranean is one of the scenarios of those changes and a chessboard where battles for resources, influence and regional power are fought. This 7th edition of the Congress intends to offer keys to understand the Mediterranean of today and, thus, try to anticipate the one to come. To this end, a select group of international analysts and academics will reflect on what the Mediterranean represents, how the inhabitants of its different shores perceive each other, who the main geopolitical actors are, how alliances are created and changed, and what are the dynamics of conflict and cooperation in the Mediterranean basin. Also, the socioeconomic trends of the riparian countries will be analysed, emphasizing the social, political, energy and climatic transitions that are already underway.

With the participation, among others, of the Elcano Royal Institute’s Senior Analysts:

Hashtag: #MediterráneoQueViene

Venue: Salón de actos del Rectorado de la Universidad de Córdoba

  • Hybrid event
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