This webinar aims to identify tangible areas of cooperation between Spain and South Korea in Latin America and the Caribbean and with LAC countries on digitalization and the green economy. This cooperation between like-minded partners to build back better in the post-Covid era could provide the region with opportunities to overcome long-term structural challenges, transform its production patterns and strengthen its capacities in these two fields. This requires trilateral, multilateral and multi-stakeholder cooperation. Spain and South Korea could be key partners in the process and contribute to bridge the digital infrastructure gap, accelerate the development of advanced technologies and industry 4.0, the diversification of energy sources, and the greening and de-commoditization of regional production.

Hashtag: #EspCoreaLatam

Activity Program

Welcome words:

Charles Powell Director, Elcano Royal Institute
Shin Soong-chull President, KCLAC
Yoon Sang-Uk Deputy Director-General for Latin American and Caribbean Affairs, Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Korea
Juan Ignacio Morro Villacián Ambassador of Spain in the Republic of Korea

Keynote speech:

Carlos Malamud Senior Analyst, Elcano Royal Institute

Panel 1: Digitalization

Jordi Espluga (Chair) Representative of CDTI to South Korea
César Buenadicha Head of the Discovery Unit at the IDB Lab
Ana Valero Director of Regulatory Policy, Telefónica Hispam
Kisu Kwon Executive Managing Director, KCLAC and Professor, HanKuk University of Foreign Studies
Raquel Jorge Ricart Analyst, Elcano Royal Institute

Panel 2: Green Economy

Sang-Sub Ha (Chair) Research Professor, Institute of Latin American Studies, HanKuk University of Foreign Studies
Mónica Araya Advisor on Decarbonisation Strategies, member of the European Climate Foundation
Lara Lázaro Senior Analyst, Elcano Royal Institute
Seung-hwan Jeon Representative of the Korea environmental Industry & Technology Institute in Colombia
Luis Pedrosa Rebolleda Director of Strategy for Energy, Climate, and Urban Transition, Tecnalia

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