The African continent has its business risks, but for the past decade it has also been a continent of opportunities, with markets that attract increasing international attention.

For the Canary Islands, African countries play a key role in the internationalization strategy of its economy. This report includes a diagnosis of the profile and presence of Canary Islands companies in the African continent (current situation, trends and gender profile, among other factors) and also analyzes the tendency to collaborate with social organizations and projects. It also presents some recommendations for a better way of doing business in Africa, from the perspective of the Canary Islands companies as actors of change in the African context.


  • Alicia Rico, Director General for Africa, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, European Union and Cooperation
  • Nasara Cabrera, Director General for Economic Affairs with África, Gobierno de Canarias | @NasaraCA
  • Ainhoa Marín, Senior Analyst, Elcano Royal Institute | @ainhoamarine

Moderates: María Solanas, Director of Programmes, Elcano Royal Institute | @Maria_SolanasC

Hashtag: #OportunidadesÁfrica

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