Living Labs are an inclusive and collaborative approach for identifying needs of front-line practitioners and policy makers and co-design responses. Living Labs are meant in this case to focus specifically on the issue of transition management of violent extremists offenders (VEOs) and on the cooperation among stakeholders in a multi-agency approach for their reintegration at the local level. This approach is key as prison staff, security sector and local authorities should work together for an effective reintegration and to minimize the risk of recividism.

During the EUTEx Living Lab in Madrid, participants discussed the objectives, tasks, activities, methods, tools, challenges and needs that emerge during the rehabilitation and reintegration process of extremist inmates. The results of the Living Lab will directly inform the design and contents of the training course that will be developed in the framework of the EUTEx project.

The EUTEx Living Lab in Madrid, consisted of a heterogeneous group of 19 professionals who play different and complementary roles in the different phases of the rehabilitation and reintegration of VEOs. Specifically, the participants in the Living lab were prison and probation specialised staff, NGOs exit workers, P/CVE specialists and other local authorities, as well as policy makers involved in reintegration work. The participants came from 11 countries including Albania, Austria, Finland, France, Germany, Ireland, Norway, the Netherlands, Romania, Spain and Sweden.


Meeting topic: Multi-agency cooperation and transition management in the rehabilitation and reintegration of extremist inmates

Day 1. 24th May 2022

9:30WelcomeÁlvaro Vicente and Carola García-Calvo
9:45Who is in the room? Experiences dealing with extremist offenders’ disengagement, deradicalization, rehabilitation and reintegrationAll participants
10:45Coffee Break 
11:00Exercise 1: Risk & Needs Assessment and case managementAll participants
12:45Lunch time 
14:00Exercise 2: Transition from prison to releaseAll participants
15:30Coffee Break 
15:45Continuation of Exercise 2All participants
16:30Plenary session 
17:00Closing remarks and end of the Day 1Álvaro Vicente & Carola García-Calvo

Day 2. 25th May 2022

9:00Recap of the Day 1Álvaro Vicente and Carola García-Calvo
9:10Exercise 3: Working with young people and communitiesMaite García (Madrid Agency for the Rehabilitation and Reintegration of Juvenile Offenders) All participants
10:30Coffee Break 
10:45Continuation Exercise 3All participants
12:00Lunch time 
13:30Exercise 4: Testing a multi-agency approach to rehabilitation and reintegrationAll participants
14:15Coffee Break 
14:30Plenary sessionAll participants
15:00Closing remarks and end of the Day 2Álvaro Vicente & Carola García-Calvo

About EUTEx Project

EUTEx is a EU-funded research project that collects and evaluates existing best practices and creates a new framework for disengagement and reintegration of violent extremists offenders (VEOs), which includes the development of a tool for risk assessment for reintegration purposes, a training course and modules and involves specific approaches for women and children. EUTEx focuses specifically on specialised first-line professionals: primarily prison staff (in particular psychologists and social workers), probation officers and professionals involved in the multi-agency approach such as exit workers, police officers, members of the local administration, policy makers and researchers.