Carlos Cuerpo

Ministry of Economy, Trade and Business of Spain


Since December 2023, Carlos Cuerpo has been Minister of Economy, Trade and Business of Spain. He was previously Secretary General of the Treasury and International Finance.

He has been Director General for Macroeconomic Analysis at the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Digital Transformation of Spain, under whose direction the Government’s official macroeconomic forecasts for the Spanish economy accompanying the General State Budget, the Budgetary Plan of Spain, and the Stability Programme have been prepared. He also promoted the analysis and development of tools that provided support in the design and implementation of the economic policy measures adopted in response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Between 2014 and 2020 he worked at the Independent Authority for Fiscal Responsibility (AIReF) as Director of the Economic Analysis Division and Head of the Public Debt Sustainability Analysis Unit, leading the tasks related to macroeconomic forecasting and public debt sustainability.

Previously, he worked as an Analyst at Spain’s Directorate General for Macroeconomic Analysis and International Economics, with responsibilities related to modelling and estimating the impact of economic policy measures. He also was a national expert in the Directorate‑General for Economic and Financial Affairs at the European Commission, where he contributed to the monitoring and analysis of the real estate market and private sector debt patterns in the framework of the Macroeconomic Imbalances Procedure.

He holds a Degree in Economics from the University of Extremadura, a PhD in Economics from the Autonomous University of Madrid and a master’s degree from the London School of Economics (LSE). He also joined the High Corps of Spanish State Economists and Trade Experts in 2008.

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