This report brings together analyses by experts and testimonies by those who are engaged in the creation of such bonds through different professional domains. Its aim is to highlight best practices and provide new ideas for a constructive and future-oriented Euro-Mediterranean relationship in a post-COVID era. The initiative stems from the conviction of the need to strengthen collaboration between the EU and its Mediterranean neighbours. Even more so, during and in the aftermath of the pandemic, we have to create and foster platforms for dialogue and joint action.

The current pandemic is an opportunity to relaunch relations between the EU and its Mediterranean neighbours, emphasising the existing potential for a more inclusive, prosperous and positive future. Drafted during the 25th anniversary year of the Barcelona Declaration, this Report aims to stir debate by providing reflections and the impetus that go beyond the moment of commemoration. The Report is a joint endeavour by CIDOB –Barcelona Centre for International AffairsElcano Royal Institute and Friedrich Naumann Foundation Madrid – a partnership between the two most influential Spanish foreign policy think tanks and a German political foundation devoted to political education and dialogue worldwide, and since December 2019 also from its Mediterranean Dialogue office in Madrid.

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