Rubén Campos

Rubén Campos
Senior Research Fellow

Rubén Campos is Senior Research Fellow at the Elcano Royal Institute, Programmes Coordinator at Club de Madrid and Visiting Professor of International Relations in various Spanish universities.

In the past twelve years he has worked in the Club de Madrid with former Presidents and Prime Ministers from democratic countries in the supervision, design and implementation of different projects in countries like Bangladesh, Bolivia, Burma, China, Ecuador, Guatemala, India, Iran, Kyrgyzstan, Peru and South Africa, in addition to thematic programmes involving Social Cohesion and Shared Societies, Dialogue between Political and Religious Leaders and Terrorism, Democracy and Human Rights. He has been the Programmes Coordinator since 2010. He previously worked as Program Officer and assistant to the Programmes Director.

Before that he was content-coordinator of the International Relations and Communications Master at Madrid’s Complutense University. As an expert and analyst on international affairs he frequently collaborates with media including BBC Mundo, Radio France International and RTVE.

Research areas: expert in international relations of South and Southeast Asia, as well as in Spanish and EU foreign policy towards these regions, with a special emphasis on India as an emerging actor in the international system.

As an expert in nonviolent political movements he is a member of the Expert Advisory Council of the International Institute for Nonviolent Action (NOVACT) and has prepared reports for the Basque Government on the reconciliation process after the end of terrorism, for the Catalan Government about the creation of a Nonviolent Civil Peace Corps, for the European Union on nonviolent groups in Palestine and for the Nonviolent Peace Force NGO a feasibility study about the implementation of a pilot programme on Guatemala.

Selected publications: his research work related to India and South and Southeast Asia has been published by universities such as the Complutense in Madrid and Universidad del País Vasco, and institutions like Casa Asia, CIDOB, Fundación Alternativas and Elcano Royal Institute. He is preparing his doctoral thesis on the Indian independence movement and the African-American civil-rights movement and has published a selection of political texts on Mohandas K. Gandhi with Catarata Publishing House.