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Manuel Gracia Santos is an Analyst on the Elcano Global Presence Index project, in which he has participated since 2012. He has a PhD in Economics and a Master’s in International Economics and Development, and is currently Associate Professor in the Department of Applied Economics at Madrid’s Complutense University. He has taken part in a number of research projects related to the European automotive sector, the impact of foreign investment on development in Morocco and Algeria, the processes of production relocation in the EU, and the determinants of productivity and restructuring processes in the Spanish capital-goods sector. He has been Associate Professor of the Department of Applied Economics at the University of Valladolid and Associate Researcher at the Complutense Institute of International Studies.

Selected publications: Elcano Global Presence Report 2017 (with I. Olivié, Elcano Royal Institute, 2017), Elcano Global Presence Report 2016 (with I. Olivié, Elcano Royal Institute, 2016), Elcano Global Presence Report 2015 (with I. Olivié and Carola García-Calvo, Elcano Royal Institute, 2015), Elcano Global Presence Report 2014 (with I. Olivié y Carola García, Elcano Royal Institute, 2014), Elcano Global Presence Report 2012 (with I. Olivié, Elcano Royal Institute, 2013 ).


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