Tuesday, 13th February 2024, from 14:30 to 16:00 h. ET (from 20:30 to 22:00 CET). Venue: Inter-American Development Bank, 1300 New York Avenue N.W., 2nd Floor, La Plaza, Washington, D.C. (USA).

The predominant perception in Europe about Latin America is based on four main points: the region misses economic opportunities due to frequent crises, political stability and democratic quality are deficient, a geopolitical disinterest by Europe and the United States in favor of China is perceived, and companies, especially Spanish ones, have reduced investments.

However, the Elcano Royal Institute argues that these beliefs are prejudices unsupported by data. The Elcano Report ‘Why does Latin America Matter?’ This report seeks to shift the debate from preconceptions to evidence, demystifying negative perceptions about the region.

Hashtag: #ElcanoAmlat

Welcome remarks: Ilan Goldfain, President, IDB.

Moderator: Cristina Olea, Head of TVE’s office in Washington, D.C.

José Juan Ruiz, presidente, Real Instituto Elcano | @ElcanoJjRuiz
Carlos Malamud, investigador principal, Real Instituto Elcano | @CarlosMalamud
Ernesto Talvi, investigador principal, Real Instituto Elcano | @ernesto_talvi
Anabel González, vicepresidenta de países, BID.

– The event will be held in Spanish with simultaneous translation into English.
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