The military invasion of Ukraine can be analyzed as a particular case of the armed conflicts or it can be framed into the more comprehensive context of the ongoing global geopolitical confrontation. In the first case, the variables remain within the limited field of the strategic studies while in the second they enter into the broader field of power politics. 


  1. Félix Arteaga, Senior Analyst, Elcano Royal Institute
  2. Mira Milosevich, Senior Analyst, Elcano Royal Institute | @MiraMilosevich1

Moderator: Manuel Torres Aguilar, Director, Cátedra UNESCO de Resolución de Conflictos de la Universidad de Córdoba.

Venue: Salón de Columnas. Edificio Pedro López de Alba (antiguo Rectorado), C/ Alfonso XIII, nº 13, Córdoba.

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