Tuesday, 30th November 2021, from 14:30 to 17:00 h. CET (UTC+1).

PromethEUs is an independent network of four Southern-European think tanks active in their respective countries and at EU level in the fields of economic, business and geopolitical research. It brings together I-Com, Institute for Competitiveness (Italy), the Elcano Royal Institute (Spain), IOBE – Foundation for Economic and Industrial Research (Greece) and the Institute of Public Policy (Portugal).

In order to unbox the EU’s multisided path towards digital sovereignty, the conference will be divided in 3 different Panels: Panel I will touch upon EU’s digital and tech competitiveness; Panel II will explore the digital regulation in the EU, thereby involving a discussion on key dossiers such as the Digital Markets Act, the Digital Service Act, the Artificial Intelligence Act and the Data Strategy. Finally, Panel III will address the recently launched Trade and Technology Council and the future of EU-US relations.

Video: Conference “The Multisided Path to European Digital Sovereignty and the future of EU-US Relations”(2:30:35)


Introductory remarks

Panel I – EU’s digital and tech competitiveness

Panell II – EU’s digital regulation (DSA, DMA, AI and Data)

Panel III – The Trade and Technology Council and the future of the EU-US relations

  • Introduced and moderated by Paulo Trigo Cortez Pereira, Chairman, Institute of Public Policy
  • Alejandro Caínzos, Member of Cabinet of Executive Vice-President Vestager | @AC_Europa
  • Maria-Manuel Leitão-Marques, MEP, Vice-Chair IMCO Committee | @LeitaoMarquesEP
  • Liesje Schreinemacher, MEP, INTA Committee | @LSchreinemacher
  • Megan Funkhouser, Director of Policy, Tax and Trade, Information Technology Industry Council | @MeganGoesGlobal
  • Stephen Ezell, Vice President, Global Innovation Policy, Information Technology and Innovation Foundation (ITIF) | @sjezell