Belén Sánchez

Communications Director

Belén Sánchez is Press officer at Elcano Royal Institute since June 2004. She holds a degree in Journalism from Madrid’s Universidad Complutense (UCM 1986). She was international editor, international reporter and editor at newsmagazine Tiempo (1988-2000). At this time she covered the most important worldwide events and conducted interviews with many international leaders.  In 2001 she became editor in chief at La Clave magazine (2001-2003). She was press officer of the State Secretary for Social Security (2003-2004). She also worked as editor in chief at Complice magazine (1985-1988), columnist of the daily Diario 16 (1998-1999) and reporter for El Semanal (Grupo Correo) between 2000 and 2001.