This debate analysed the views held by the new US President, Donald Trump, on the state of the world and of his country’s foreign policy. In the context of a discussion of his strategic principles —essentially on the basis of the premise of ‘America first’— the idea was to consider Trump’s unilateralist foreign policy and to determine the political, economic and energy implications for Europe, the BRICs, the Middle East and the global liberal-democratic order. The focus was on Trump’s stance on Russia, China and the players in the Middle East, Latin America and Europe. What will be Europe’s strategic response? What future for Nato? And what about other multilateral alliances, such as ASEAN? And NAFTA? What will the impact be of Trump’s foreign policy on oil prices, energy geopolitics and the global transition towards a decarbonised economy?

The participants were:

  • Steve Clemons, editor of The Atlantic and Atlantic Live.
  • Ulrich Speck, Senior Research Fellow, Elcano Royal Institute’s Office in Brussels.
  • Paul Isbell, Senior Research Fellow, Elcano Royal Institute.

Moderated by Charles Powell, Director of the Elcano Royal Institute.

Tuesday 7 February 2017, 12:00-14:00. Fundación Botín, Castelló 18 C, Madrid.

The debate was live streamed here (English only)