Europe / European Union

The euro as a social bond: why do Eurozone citizens still back the single currency?

Miguel Otero-Iglesias. ARI 25/2017 - 27/3/2017.

This paper tries to understand why despite the pain in the South of the Eurozone and the anger in the North the majority of the people still support the euro.

One year on: an assessment of the EU-Turkey statement on refugees

İlke Toygür and Bianca Benvenuti. ARI 21/2017 - 21/3/2017.

An honest assessment of the refugee deal is very much needed since the EU is considering new ones with other transit countries. Both Turkey and key EU countries are facing electoral challenges as well: internal politics and foreign policy decisions are highly interwoven.

Running out of steam? Brexit and the future of EU energy policy

Aurélie Faure-Schuyer. ARI 15/2017 - 7/3/2017.

The UK, a traditional energy importer, will have to realign its domestic energy and climate policy goals. It also remains to be seen whether the EU can hinge upon an ambitious international climate policy to compensate for Brexit.

Turkey’s critical constitutional referendum: an introduction

Ilke Toygür. Expert Comment 12/2017 - 6/3/2017.

As a new challenge to its democratic existence, Turkey is going to a constitutional referendum on April 16th, with a heavily polarised society. It is widely questioned if the referendum will be ‘free’ and ‘fair’ under the current state of emergency.

The EU, facing one of its most challenging years

Salvador Llaudes. Expert Comment 10/2017 - 28/2/2017.

Adding to concerns about terrorism, the handling of the refugee crisis and existing economic risks, there is the delicate management of the UK’s departure, the unpredictability of president Trump and, above all, an electoral calendar that offers no let-up.

Towards a post-Brexit ‘partnership for democracy’ between the EU and the UK

Pablo José Castillo Ortiz. Expert Comment 6/2017 - 17/2/2017.

In an era in which authoritarian populists have already started to cooperate, partnerships between democratic actors are more necessary than ever. A ‘democratic partnership’ between the EU and the UK would be a win-win situation for both parties.

European defence between the Global Strategy and its implementation

Félix Arteaga. WP 4/2017 (English version) - 16/2/2017.

The implementation of the Strategy comes at a time of highly adverse circumstances for the process of European integration, so that its development is not solely reliant on the content of the document or the determination of its backers.

Document of interest: HM Government - The United Kingdom’s exit from and new partnership with the European Union

. DI/MI - 8/2/2017.

The UK Government presented the white book on Brexit, listing 12 key points of the UK's strategy for leaving the EU and building a new strategic alliance with Europe at the same time.

El gobierno británico ha presentado el libro blanco sobre el Brexit, que recoge los doce puntos clave de la estrategia británica para abandonar la UE y, al mismo tiempo, construir una nueva alianza estratégica con Europa.

Document of interest: French-German Future Dialogue - The prospects for Europe’s Youth in 2026

. DI/MI - 3/2/2017.

Mitigating risks and making use of opportunities: how to improve the prospects of young Europeans through the next 10 years? This report shows two positive and two negative scenarios, and some recommendations, including the expansion of Erasmus++ and some considerations on R&D. It is the outcome of the meetings arranged by the French-German Future Dialogue last 2016, in which Spain took part as a partner country.

Mitigar riesgos y aprovechar las oportunidades: ¿cómo mejorar las perspectivas de futuro de los jóvenes europeos en los próximos diez años? Este informe dibuja dos escenarios positivos y dos negativos y ofrece algunas recomendaciones, como la ampliación de Erasmus++ y algunas consideraciones sobre I+D. Es el resultado de los encuentros organizados por el French-German Future Dialogue el pasado 2016, en los cuales España participó como país asociado.

EU-Mercosur: tapping the Atlantic’s potential

Paula Lamoso. Expert Comment 4/2017 - 31/1/2017.

Although the Mercosur-EU agreement is a first generation FTA, mainly focused on tariff reductions, it is also necessary to highlight its geo-political significance, and potential.