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Al-Qaeda’s continued core strategy and disquieting leader-led trajectory
Bruce Hoffman & Fernando Reinares
Al-Qaeda has withstood arguably the greatest international onslaught directed against a terrorist organisation in history, but it has survived for nearly a quarter of a century and continues to pursue a core strategy. The ongoing unrest in the Middle East could potentially resuscitate al-Qaeda’s waning fortunes and it may assume unpredicted forms. Its final elimination may take years, if not decades, more to achieve.

Las relaciones empresariales de España con la China de la reforma: la evolución de un modelo
Enrique Fanjul
En 2013 se cumplen 40 años de relaciones diplomáticas entre España y la República Popular China. En el presente ARI se estudia cómo ha evolucionado y se ha transformado el modelo de relaciones empresariales España-China en este período.

Do Spaniards emigrate?
Carmen González Enríquez
Only 2% of Spanish citizens living outside Spain are natives who have left the country due to the crisis, a total of around 40,000 people. This figure in no way supports the alarm stirred up by the media with regard to this phenomenon.

Merkel’s safe pair of hands now carry a heavy burden
Miguel Otero-Iglesias
Angela Merkel has emerged as the undisputed winner of the German elections, an achievement not to be underrated. Her alliance between the CDU (Christian Democratic Union) and the CSU (Bavaria’s Social Christian Union) has gained the best election results since 1990.

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