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After bottoming out: a new European policy for Spain
Ignacio Molina
After a decade of de-Europeanisation (2001-10), Spain has put the EU back at the centre of its national project but it must now also aspire to co-lead the integration process.

La reforma del sistema iberoamericano
Carlos Malamud
En la Cumbre Iberoamericana de Cádiz se decidió la reforma en profundidad del sistema iberoamericano. Este análisis formula algunas propuestas concretas en esa dirección.

Towards a common external representation for the eurozone?
Daniela Schwarzer, Federico Steinberg and Diego Valiante
Since the introduction of the euro in 1999, the external representation of the eurozone has been incrementally developed, but no formal amendments have been made. This Policy Paper discusses the case for a consolidated representation of the eurozone in international economic fora, analyses the obstacles to achieving it, and puts forward proposals to solve some of the existing obstacles.

Promoting low-carbon energies in Mediterranean partner countries
Gonzalo Escribano
Renewable energies remain marginal in the European neighbourhood, and their contribution to economic and human development is still largely unexplored. Directive 2009/28 contemplates green electricity imports from third countries, and the Mediterranean Solar Plan offers an economic and institutional framework for its deployment in the Southern neighbourhood.

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