Rounding off NATO’s 70th anniversary year, heads of governments convened in London to examine how the Euro-Atlantic Alliance adapts and maintains security for its Allies in a rapidly changing world.

NATO Engages looked to NATO’s future, examining how the Alliance deals with geopolitical uncertainty, changing threats and new opportunities. Discussions covered topics including hybrid conflict, disinformation and societal resilience, cyber security, emerging and disruptive tech, shifts in great power competition and NATO’s enduring value in meeting these challenges.

The Elcano Royal Institute participated as an Institutional Partner of this NATO’s official outreach event.

Speakers, agenda items and further details are available on this website.

doucet stoltenberg natoengages rusi kamara 2
Conversation: Setting the stage for the 2019 Leader’s Meeting. Lyse Doucet (Chief International Correspondent, BBC) and Jens Stoltenberg (Secretary General, North Atlantic Treaty Organisation). Photo: RUSI/Kamara.
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Discussion: In the blink of an eye: artificial intelligence, hypersonics, and their implications for future warfare. Maithreyi Seetharaman (Director of Content, Fortune Live Media), Carlos Abellan (Co-founder and CEO of Quside), General André Lanata (Supreme Allied Commander Transformation, NATO) and Herman Narula (CEO, Improbable). Photo: Atlantic Council/Sarah Halls.
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Heating Up: The Impact of Climate Security on the Alliance. Ambassador Boris Ruge (Vice Chairman, Munich Security Conference) and H.E Erna Solberg (Prime Minister, Norway). Photo: Atlantic Council/Sarah Halls.
trudeau rutte haynes natoengages atlanticcouncil sarahhalls 2
Discussion: In Conversation with the Prime Ministers of the Netherlands and Canada. H.E. Justin Trudeau (Prime Minister, Canada), H.E. Mark Rutte (Prime Minister, the Netherlands) and Deborah Haynes (Foreign Affairs Editor, Sky News). Photo: Atlantic Council/Sarah Halls.
disinformation natoengages atlanticcouncil sarahhalls 2
Demo and Conversation: The Battle for Your Mind: Societal Resilience and the (Dis)Information Era. Carl Miller (Research Director, Centre for the Analysis of Social Media, Demos), Oana Popescu-Zamfi (Director, GlobalFocus Center) and Rand Waltzman (Deputy Chief Technology Officer and Senior Information Scientist, RAND Corporation). Photo:  Atlantic Council/Sarah Halls.
seltzer natoengages atlanticcouncil sarahhalls 2
Spotlight: The future of NATO: a perspective from Generation Z. Olivia Seltzer (Founder, The Cramm). Photo: Atlantic Council/Sarah Halls.
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