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Projects Office

The Elcano Royal Institute has undertaken specific research projects within the framework of international, European and domestic programmes, with the goal of placing the Institute at the forefront of cooperative research in the pan-European context, contributing to the Spanish presence in research processes aimed at aiding EU decision-making and giving impetus to the setting up of international strategic studies to reflect Spanish interests.

All this is on the basis of innovation, scientific excellence, methodical analysis, transfer of knowledge and the harnessing of results.

Through its Projects Office, set up in 2014, the Elcano Royal Institute has promoted the Institute’s candidacy in public and private bids for funding, identifies strategic partners and manages networks of collaborative alliances.

Projects Office - Elcano Royal Institute
Príncipe de Vergara, 51
28006 Madrid. Spain
Phone: +34 91 781 6770. Fax: +34 91 426 2157

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