Martín Ortega Carcelén

Martín Ortega
Senior Research Fellow
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Martin Ortega Carcelén is Senior Research Fellow at the Elcano Royal Institute. He was Head of Policy Planning at the Spanish Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation, and Senior Research Fellow at the EU Institute for Security Studies in Paris. He is Senior Lecturer in International Law and International Relations at the Complutense University of Madrid, and teaches at IE University and Deusto Business School. He also contributes with op-ed articles in El Pais newspaper and with commentaries at TV Canal 24h (Spanish public TV).

Martin Ortega conducted research at St. Antony’s College (Oxford University) and the Max Planck Institute of International Law in Heidelberg. He also participated in the International Visitors Programme of the United States Government, as well as in the International Law Seminar organised by the United Nations office in Geneva..

Selected publications: Derecho Global (Apryo, Madrid, 2012), a textbook on International Law, Building the future: the EU’s contribution to global governance (Institute for Security Studies, Paris, 2007), and some policy briefs on GibraltarSpanish foreign policyoil prices and the European global strategy published by the Elcano Royal Institute in 2013.

Other contact information: Blog Explorando el futuro.

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