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The Elcano Royal Institute contributions to the
Think Global - Act European (TGAE) IV Project

Think Global - Act European (TGAE) IV (logo). Elcano 2013How can a negative spillover of the crisis on EU’s influence in the world? What are the EU’s main international challenges and priorities? How can a more global strategy be developed to respond to the challenges? How can the problems of coordination between the EU’s internal and external policies be dealt with.

These are some of the questions that the Elcano Royal Institute has attempted to answer in the framework of the Think Global – Act European (TGAE) project led by Elvire Fabry, Senior Research Fellow at the Notre Europe – Jacques Delors Institute.

The fourth edition of the TGAE focuses on the need to think strategically about the EU’s external action, as reflected by Elcano's contribution to four of the project's key strategic issues covered by the policy papers and seminar listed below. This project complements the Institute’s other programmes and activities, particularly the European Global Strategy Project.

Promoting the EU’s economic interests abroad
Eurozona / Eurozone. Real Instituto Elcano / Elcano Royal Institute Towards a common external representation for the eurozone?
Daniela Schwarzer (SWP), Federico Steinberg (Elcano Royal Institute) and Diego Valiante (CEPS). TGAE-Elcano 3/2013 - 26/3/2013. Read the policy paper»
TGAE IV Seminar: How can Europeans promote their economic interests around the world?
TGAE IV Seminar. Source: Notre Europe.Organised by the Elcano Royal Institute and Notre Europe - Jacques Delors Institute, the fourth seminar of the Think Global - Act European Project was held on 26 October 2012 in Madrid. It brought together experts from the working group on EU economic policy. Further information»
EU resource management: what European external action strategy?
Low-carbon energy. Real Instituto Elcano / Elcano Royal Institute Promoting low-carbon energies in Mediterranean Partner Countries
Gonzalo Escribano (Elcano Royal Institute). TGAE-Elcano 2/2013 - 25/3/2013. Read the policy paper»
EU migration strategy: how to respond to the unanswered demographic challenge?
Migraciones / Migrations. Real Instituto Elcano / Elcano Royal Institute The EU’s performance in the global competition for highly-skilled migrants
Andreas Ette (PISM), Roderick Parkes (SWP-PISM), Alicia Sorroza (Elcano Royal Institute) and Carmen González Enríquez (Elcano Royal Institute). TGAE-Elcano 4/2013 - 26/3/2013. Read the policy paper»

How to make the EU’s neighbourhood an opportunity for it?

Euro Mediterranean Countries. Real Instituto Elcano / Elcano Royal Institute The missing spring in the EU’s Mediterranean policies
Haizam Amirah-Fernández (Elcano Royal Institute) and Timo Behr (Notre Europe - Jacques Delors Institute). TGAE-Elcano 1/2013 - 22/3/2013. Read the policy paper»

Think Global-Act European (TGAE) Project

Launched in 2008, this group of 16 European think tanks issues a report every 18 months outlining challenges and agenda priorities. The first three editions of the report (2008, 2010 and 2011) have brought to light coordination issues which the successive EU trio presidencies have to face throughout their 18 month agenda. The Elcano Royal Institute has participated in all the editions of the TGAE.

Think Global - Act European III (TGAE III). The contribution of 16 European think tanks to the Polish, Danish and Cypriot EU Trio Presidency. Read the report.
Think Global - Act European II

Think Global - Act European II (TGAE II). The contribution of 14 European think tanks to the Spanish, Belgian and Hungarian EU Trio Presidency.
Under the Spanish Presidency of the European Council during the first semester of 2010, the Elcano Royal Institute participated in the Editorial Committee.

The area of Freedom, Security and Justice: a new horizon for European integration
Charles Powell and Alicia Sorroza. ARI 72/2010 - 20/4/2010.

New changes and old challenges in the Eurozone’s economic governance
Clara Crespo. ARI 71/2010 - 20/4/2010.

Differentiated integration and flexibility in the EU under the Lisbon Treaty: challenges for the Trio Presidency
Carlos Closa. ARI 77/2010 - 26/4/2010.

Key strategic decisions for Europe in energy and climate change
Paul Isbell and Federico Steinberg. ARI 76/2010 - 26/4/2010.

The EU-2020 strategy: re-launching (and matching) the ambitions for a more competitive and sustainable European growth in the globalised world
Jacques Keller-Noellet (Egmont), Ignacio Molina (Elcano Royal Institute) and András Vértes (GKI).

Building a European external action service: a difficult birth?
Hugo Brady (CER) and Natividad Fernández Sola (Elcano Royal Institute)

Think Global - Act European I (TGAE I). The contribution of 13 European Think Tanks to the French, Czech and Swedish EU Trio Presidency.
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