U.S. - Transatlantic Dialogue

Relations between the US Intelligence Community and US Presidents, including the Trump Administration

Gustavo Díaz Matey. WP 15/2018 (English version) - 16/7/2018.

Technology and covert operations have been the driving forces in the Community’s evolution, which has been tremendously divided since its inception and has moved progressively towards its own centralisation with the aim of improving coordination and efficacy.

The Trump Administration’s National Security Strategy

Carlota García Encina. WP 14/2018 (English version) - 13/7/2018.

The new National Security Strategy aspires to move beyond ‘leading from behind’ to a deeper engagement with this global competition. The US will strive to regain its leadership in new technologies and innovation and to adapt to the new competition in cyberspace and outer space.

From policy to populism: Donald Trump’s trade policy in global context

Richard Higgott. ARI 47/2018 - 10/4/2018.

An open multilateral trade system is under direct challenge from the policies of President Donald Trump. The year 2018 will be crucial.

Gender equality in Trump’s America

María Solanas Cardín. ARI 38/2018 (English version) - 16/3/2018.

What has been the impact of Donald Trump’s decisions and public policies on the rights and liberties of women during the first year of his Presidency?

Trump, Europe and one year into the US Presidency

Salvador Llaudes. Expert Comment 14/2018 (English version) - 19/2/2018.

If any benefit has come from Trump being in the White House it has been a new sense of urgency among Europeans, a realisation that Europe cannot continue with business as usual.

Donald Trump's Twitter account: a brief content analysis

Juan Antonio Sánchez-Giménez and Evgueni Tchubykalo. ARI 20/2018 - 15/2/2018.

Donald Trump has become the first US President to actively use his personal Twitter channel regardless of any US public diplomacy strategy, with a direct impact on the public policies defined by the US government and the White House.

Document of interest: US Department of Defense - Nuclear Posture Review, February 2018

. MI - 7/2/2018.

The US has published its new Nuclear Posture Review (NPR) with which it seeks to strengthen its strategy of nuclear deterrence.

EEUU ha publicado su nueva Revisión de la Postura Nuclear (NPR) con la que busca reforzar su estrategia de disuasión nuclear.

A year of Trump and trade policy

Federico Steinberg. Expert Comment 9/2018 (English version) - 1/2/2018.

The first year of Trump has been less damaging to the multilateral trade system than was originally feared, but has also allowed us to see that the US Administration maintains a clear interest in isolating itself increasingly from the rest of the world.

Towers and walls against multiculturalism: Hispanics and Spanish in the Trump Presidency

Ángel Badillo Matos. ARI 36/2018 (English version) - 12/3/2018.

The election of Donald Trump has generated new tensions around the public use of Spanish in the US and, above all, over multiculturalism.

Trump’s foreign policy: the revolution that has not happened – yet

Ulrich Speck. Expert Comment 39/2017 - 19/9/2017.

After eight months with Trump in office, US foreign policy is characterised not by disruption but by continuity. The Trump revolution in foreign policy has not happened.