Sub-Saharan Africa

Political Economy of African Mineral Revenue Deployment: Angola, Botswana, Nigeria and Zambia Compared (WP)

Richard Auty. WP 28/2008 - 16/6/2008.

Recent research identifies weak institutions as a leading cause of the under-performance of developing economies. But in low-income economies institutions reflect political incentives rather than mould them, so this paper analyses how political incentives are shaped by commodity revenue. It focuses on commodity rent flows as the critical link between the economy and politics and uses case studies to track them (whereas statistical studies treat rent as a black box).

Chad: Democratisation Challenges and Limits of International Intervention (ARI)

Paul-Simon Handy. ARI 59/2008 - 6/6/2008.

International interventions in Chad, such as the European Eufor Chad, must address structural problems linked to governance and democracy by helping Chadian political actors to reform the country’s social contract instead of focusing on preserving stability and, thus, becoming part of the problem and not of the solution.

African Remittances and Progress: Opportunities and Challenges (ARI)

Anna Lindley. ARI 52/2008 - 27/05/2008. Go to Spanish version

Sixteen million international migrants originate from sub-Saharan Africa and remittance flows have grown in the last few years, but their impact on development remains unclear.

Failed States in Africa: The Zimbabwean Experience (ARI)

Carlos García Rivero. ARI 29/2008 (Translated from Spanish) - 11/4/2008. Go to Spanish version

Zimbabwe is one of the failed States of Africa due to the violence and power monopoly wielded by the Mugabe regime.

The Chad Conflict, United Nations (MINURCAT) and the European Union (EUFOR) (ARI)

Félix Arteaga. ARI 20/2008 (Translated from Spanish) - 10/3/2008. Go to Spanish version

The European EUFOR Chad/CAR mission, in support of humanitarian and police action for the United Nations mission in Chad and the Central African Republic, has been suspended until peace is restored to the region.

Challenges of Peacekeeping in Africa

Mosiuoa Lekota. 15/6/2007. Go to Spanish version

A keynote speech by Mosiuoa Lekota, Minister of Defence of South Africa, delivered at Elcano Royal Institute on 19 April 2007.