Spanish Foreign Policy

All that remains sound between Spain and the UK

Ignacio Molina. ARI 31/2013 (Translated from Spanish) - 18/9/2013.

The relations between the UK and Spain are extremely close-knit and should not be allowed to be jeopardised by the Gibraltarian government’s recent actions.

Spain’s position in the world in 2013

Ignacio Molina (coord.). Elcano Royal Institute. Elcano Policy Paper 1/2013 (Translated from Spanish). 24/7/2013.

This paper aims to set out the map, or at least a map, of Spanish foreign policy for 2013. After an introduction that discusses the major cross-cutting challenges of this year, it analyses the three main sections. The first looks at the impact of the economic crisis on the external action that Spain can carry out in 2013. The second addresses security challenges in turbulent times (especially in North Africa and the Middle East). And the third is a geographic review of Spain’s foreign relations.

After bottoming out: a new European policy for Spain

Ignacio Molina. ARI 8/2013 (Translated from Spanish) - 29/4/2013.

After a decade of de-Europeanisation (2001-10), Spain has put the EU back at the centre of its national project but it must now also aspire to co-lead the integration process.