Spain's Image & Public Opinion

The Spanish Exception: Unemployment, inequality and immigration, but no right-wing populist parties

Carmen González-Enríquez. WP 3/2017 - 13/2/2017.

Very few European countries have proven immune to the appeal of right-wing populism. Despite economic crisis and fast-eroding political trust, there is a remarkable absence of an electorally successful Spanish right-wing populist party.

An analysis of Spain’s presence in the world’s media

Jose Pérez Martín and Juan Antonio Sánchez Giménez. WP 18/2015 - 24/11/2015 (English version).

One of the main factors weighing upon the image a country enjoys abroad is the way it is perceived by the international news media and the reaction that this image generates in international public opinion. This study looks at the overall presence of Spain in the written news media and the most important news stories about Spain in the world’s most influential media outlets.

The distance between Spain’s image and the country’s reality

William Chislett. ARI 43/2014 - 2/10/2014.

Spain has come out of recession, but its image abroad remains out of sync with reality.

Gibraltar and public opinion in the UK and Spain

Javier Noya. ARI 36/2013 (Translated from Spanish) - 1/9/2013. Go to Spanish version

In view of the current tension between the UK and Spain as a result of the dispute over Gibraltar, the Elcano Royal Institute has carried out a survey amongst a representative sample of the populations of the two countries. The aim is to gain a better understanding of their reaction to the conflict that has broken out in the summer of 2013 and their opinions on underlying issues such as sovereignty over the Rock and the importance of bilateral relations.

The pain in Spain: political, social and foreign policy implications of the European economic crisis

Charles Powell. 31/12/2012.

This paper analyses the effects of the current economic crisis on the domestic, foreign and transatlantic relations in Spain. It also focuses on the economic and political reforms undertaken in response to the crisis, its impact on the country’s foreign policy agenda and advances a series of policy recommendations to help prevent the crisis from undermining the transatlantic relationship.

Spain’s Crisis: The State of Play

William Chislett. WP 17/2012 - 12/11/2012.

There is hardly a glimmer of light in Spain’s long tunnel of recession, very high unemployment and rising bad debts in the banking sector. This Working Paper looks at the current situation, the progress that has been made and the challenges ahead.

The Rise of Spain’s International Presence

William Chislett. 15/10/2012.

This document forms part of ‘Spain’s Global Presence and Company Brands Atlas’ which will be published by the Leading Brands of Spain Forum in the autumn. (Updated 15/10/2012).

The Little Known Story of Spain’s Export Success, but How Long will it Last?

William Chislett. ARI 60/2012 - 17/9/2012.

Every crisis has a silver lining. Spain’s four-year recession, apart from anaemic growth in 2011, has produced an unprecedented surge in exports, helping to lower the trade deficit and contributing to a turnaround in the current account. But for how long can this be sustained?

Country’s fall from grace is greatly exaggerated

William Chislett. Opinion - 12/6/2012.

Spain’s fall from grace is exaggerated. The image is out of sync with reality, yet the perception, for many, is the reality.

The Way Forward for the Spanish Economy: More Internationalisation (WP)

William Chislett. WP 1/2010 - 15/1/2010.

The collapse of the construction sector brutally exposed the shortcomings of the lopsided economic model. The economy needs to become more internationalised through exports and direct investment abroad in order to create jobs on a more sustainable basis and employment of a higher quality.