Security & Defence

Pateras, cayucos and Cross-border Mafias in Africa: Profiting from the Atlantic Routes to the Canary Islands (ARI)

Francisco Javier Vélez Alcalde. ARI 14/2008 (Translated from Spanish) - 3/3/2008. Go to Spanish version

This ARI describes the criminal business of profiting from the Atlantic routes of illegal immigration to the Canary Islands.

The Surge: The Results of the US Security Plan in Iraq in 2007 (WP)

Félix Arteaga and Carlota García Encina. WP 2/2008 (Translated from Spanish) - 12/2/2008. Go to Spanish version

Four years after the invasion of Iraq, the U.S.’s strategy has not yet reached the final objective of making Iraq into a democratic country able to govern and defend itself.

Iraq and Afghanistan: A Comparison Based on International Law (ARI)

Luis M. Hinojosa Martínez. ARI 10/2008 (Translated from Spanish) - 8/2/2008. Go to Spanish version

This ARI differentiates from a legal standpoint the interventions in Afghanistan and Iraq and examines the consequences for Spanish foreign policy.

Maritime Illegal Migration Towards the European Union: The Command and Control Centre in the Canary Islands (Centro de Coordinación Regional de Canarias – CCRC) (ARI)

Félix Arteaga. ARI 54/2007 (Translated from Spanish) - 3/9/2007. Go to Spanish version

This ARI describes the organisation and coordination procedures put in place by the Canary Islands Regional Coordination Centre (Centro de Coordinación Regional de Canarias – CCRC) in the fight against illegal immigration by sea along the southern border of Spain and of the European Union.

Sarkozy’s Defence Policy: An Early Look (ARI)

Antonio Ortiz. ARI 69/2007 - 21/6/2007.

The election of Nicolas Sarkozy as the new French President and the potential changes in the French security and defence policy.

Challenges of Peacekeeping in Africa

Mosiuoa Lekota. 15/6/2007. Go to Spanish version

A keynote speech by Mosiuoa Lekota, Minister of Defence of South Africa, delivered at Elcano Royal Institute on 19 April 2007.