Security & Defence

The European Union’s role in the fight against ISIS

Félix Arteaga. Op-ed. 2/10/2014.

Before formulating any response to the ISIS challenge, the European Union must carefully assess the nature of the risk to European security interests.

The coming Defence: criteria for the restructuring of Defence in Spain

Félix Arteaga (coord.). Elcano Royal Institute. Elcano Policy Paper 3/2013 (Translated from Spanish) - 14/1/2014.

The coming Defence: criteria for the restructuring of Defence in 
Spain. Elcano Policy Paper 3/2013 (Translated from Spanish). Félix 
ArteagaSpain’s Defence cannot avoid the structural trends and changes in the geopolitical context. The Elcano Royal Institute believes that Spain should reconsider the structural elements of its current Defence model and proposes the following criteria for Defence restructuring in Spain.

Cyber cells: a tool for national cyber security and cyber defence

Thiber. ARI 26/2013 (Translated from Spanish) - 17/9/2013.

Cyber cells are effective tools that enable countries to operate, defend themselves or go on the offensive in a specific area of cyberspace, and they are destined to complement existing cyber security and cyber defence capabilities.

Document of interest: Syria Joint Resolution for Markup

. MI-DI 5/9/2013.

Texto de la resolución del Senado de EE.UU que autoriza el uso de la fuerza militar contra el gobierno de Siria en respuesta al uso de armas químicas (via New York Times).

"Authorization for the Use of Military Force Against the Government of Syria to Respond to Use of Chemical Weapons" adopted by the U.S Senate (via New York Times).

Tension rises in Gibraltar while the Royal Navy passes by

Félix Arteaga. Expert Comment 50/2013 (Translated from Spanish) - 5/9/2013.

The current face-off over Gibraltar between the Spanish and British governments is the result of juridical and diplomatic differences, in such a way that it would be pointless for the dispute to be securitised or militarised.

The emergence of Hamas as a regional political actor

Julio de la Guardia. ARI 6/2013 - 27/2/2013.

Since the beginning of the Arab Spring, the election of Mohammed Morsi as President of Egypt and the end of Israel’s Pillar of Defence military operation in the Gaza Strip, Hamas has steadily been moving towards a more political stance.

North Korea and the December 2012 Rocket Launch: A New Deal?

Pablo Bustelo. Expert Comment 39/2012 - 14/12/2012.

On December 12 North Korea succeeded in putting into orbit a satellite (or other object) after the three stages of the Unha-3 rocket separated as planned. Contrary to the previous attempts, the launch was successful, the three-stage rocket functioned correctly and the satellite (or other object) now appears to be now orbiting the earth.

Are North Korea’s Missile Threats Credible?

Pablo Bustelo. Expert Comment 28/2012 - 15/10/2012 .

Despite continuous efforts by the international community to achieve the denuclearisation of the Korean peninsula, time is passing and working against this goal.

From Multipolarity to Multinodality in International Security

Félix Arteaga. Expert Comment 19/2012 - 13/9/2012.

Pragmatism, flexibility and effectiveness replace normativism, formalism and legitimacy as the founding principles of international security. Changes from multipolarity towards multinodality are challenging traditional mindsets, theories and mentalities.

Staging the War on Drugs: Media and Organised Crime in Mexico

Edgar Moreno Gómez. WP 8/2012 - 10/7/2012.

This Working Paper offers an insight to understand the political ramifications of the news coverage of violence in Mexico. It shows that drug trafficking organisations have important goals related to the media, the impact of news on public opinion and the consequent influence over policy making.