Latin America

Tourism Development and Regional Integration in Central America (ARI)

Lucy Ferguson. ARI 86/2010 - 20/5/2010.

What is the relationship between tourism and regional integration in Central America?

Too Big a World? Lula, Brazil and the Middle East (ARI)

Günther Maihold. ARI 62/2010 (Translated from Spanish) - 17/5/2010.

The new activism of the Brazilian government and its President, Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva, in the Middle East has opened up a new front for Brazil’s foreign policy, with significant risks to the chances of its experienced leader engineering a successful outcome.

Haiti: the US and Military Aid in Times of Natural Disaster (ARI)

Carlota García Encina. ARI 57/2010 (Translated from Spanish) - 13/5/2010.

This paper analyses the US military deployment in Haiti after the earthquake of 12 January, which caused catastrophic damage in the poorest country in the Americas.

Haiti: Geopolitical Turmoil in the Wake of the Earthquake (ARI)

Amélie Gauthier. ARI 58/2010 (Translated from Spanish) - 27/4/2010. Go to Spanish version

What are the international and domestic implications of the Haiti earthquake?

The Impact of the International Financial Crisis on Brazil (ARI)

José Roberto Mendonça de Barros. ARI 38/2010 (Translated from Spanish) - 12/4/2010. Go to Spanish version

This ARI examines the impact of the global financial crisis on the Brazilian economy and the ways in which the country has managed to react positively to the ensuing challenges, without overlooking the new challenges that it will have to face in the future.

Sparks of War? Military Cooperation between Colombia and the US from a Strategic Perspective (ARI)

Vicente Torrijos R.. ARI 16/2010 (Translated from Spanish) - 9/4/2010. Go to Spanish version

The military cooperation agreement signed between Colombia and the US in November 2009 unleashed a flurry of debate in the continent regarding the scope of the fight against narcoterrorism and the presence of US forces in Latin America.

Hugo Chávez’s Third Devaluation (ARI)

Ronald Balza Guanipa. ARI 24/2010 (Translated from Spanish) - 8/3/2010. Go to Spanish version

The devaluation is the consequence of accelerated internal public spending funded through oil revenues. Although spending won Hugo Chávez votes, a significant number of voters may now be feeling the negative effects of devaluation.

The Defeat of the Concertación Coalition and the Alternation of Power in Chile (ARI)

Carlos Huneeus. ARI23/2010 (Translated from Spanish) - 5/3/2010. Go to Spanish version

The second round of the Chilean elections on 17 January 2010 handed victory to the opposition, putting an end to a run of four governments led by the centre-left Concertación por la Democracia coalition, in power since the end of the military regime of General Augusto Pinochet (1973-90). This is hugely significant because it signals the return of the right wing to the La Moneda presidential palace after no less than 52 years.

The US in Brazil’s Foreign Policy (ARI)

Carlos Malamud and Carola García-Calvo. ARI 31/2010 (Translated from Spanish) - 3/3/2010. Go to Spanish version

Brazil has opted for its own foreign policy in Latin America and clashed at times with the new US Administration. What is the state of relations between Brazil and the US? Can Brazil become the leader of South America and take a place on the world stage?

Honduras: Elections as a Way out of Political Deadlock (ARI)

Óscar Álvarez Araya. ARI 11/2010 (Translated from Spanish) - 15/2/2010. Go to Spanish version

The general election in Honduras on 29 November 2009 was a free and transparent process, whose implications for the Americas as a whole are also analysed in this ARI.