Latin America

Latin America: Economic and Political Outlook for 2011 (ARI)

Carlos Malamud and Federico Steinberg. ARI 42/2011 (Translated from Spanish) - 15/3/2011. Go to Spanish version

Latin America's economic and political outlook for 2011 is favourable. Growth and political stability appear to be guaranteed, although there are some risks on the horizon.

China-Spain-Latin America Triangulation in a Chinese Perspective (ARI)

Jiang Shixue. ARI 4/2011 - 14/1/2011. Go to Spanish version

This paper looks at the prospects for triangulation between China, Spain and Latin America in the wake of the Sinopec-Repsol deal in Brazil.

The Global Governance Agenda and the Role of the G20 (WP)

Federico Steinberg. WP 39/2010 (Translated from Spanish) - 15/12/2010. Go to Spanish version

This paper addresses these issues. It focuses on how the international community should prioritise the global economic governance agenda and what role the G-20 should play in the process. The first section analyses the challenges that the international community faces, exploring which elements of this complex agenda have the best prospects for being addressed successfully. The second section discusses what kind of institutional structure is needed in order to carry out reforms and what the role of the G-20 is in that structure.

Brazilian Cooperation: a model under construction for an emerging power (ARI)

Bruno Ayllón Pino. ARI 143/2010 (Translated from Spanish). Go to Spanish version

The media, analysts and markets have focused a great deal of attention on the consolidation of Brazil as an emerging power, mainly in the economic and global governance spheres. However, there is little information and few studies on cooperation as an instrument of Brazilian foreign policy or on Brazil’s role in the new architecture of aid, despite its increasing presence in Africa and its leading role in debates on international development.

The Cuban Monetary and Financial Jigsaw Puzzle (ARI)

Pavel Vidal Alejandro. ARI 148/2010 (Translated from Spanish) - 17/11/2010. Go to Spanish version

The 2008-09 balance of payments crisis and a succession of errors in economic policies have resulted in new monetary and financial complications in the Cuban economy, to be added to the costs and distortions of currency duality.

The End of Deference: Iran, Brazil and Turkey and the Nuclear Fuel Swap (ARI)

Ian Anthony. ARI 96/2010 - 11/6/2010.

On 17 May 2010 Brazil, Iran and Turkey signed a tri-partite Joint Declaration asserting that a nuclear fuel exchange could lead to wider cooperation to exploit nuclear technology for peaceful purposes.

Tourism Development and Regional Integration in Central America (ARI)

Lucy Ferguson. ARI 86/2010 - 20/5/2010.

What is the relationship between tourism and regional integration in Central America?

Too Big a World? Lula, Brazil and the Middle East (ARI)

Günther Maihold. ARI 62/2010 (Translated from Spanish) - 17/5/2010.

The new activism of the Brazilian government and its President, Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva, in the Middle East has opened up a new front for Brazil’s foreign policy, with significant risks to the chances of its experienced leader engineering a successful outcome.

Haiti: the US and Military Aid in Times of Natural Disaster (ARI)

Carlota García Encina. ARI 57/2010 (Translated from Spanish) - 13/5/2010.

This paper analyses the US military deployment in Haiti after the earthquake of 12 January, which caused catastrophic damage in the poorest country in the Americas.

Haiti: Geopolitical Turmoil in the Wake of the Earthquake (ARI)

Amélie Gauthier. ARI 58/2010 (Translated from Spanish) - 27/4/2010. Go to Spanish version

What are the international and domestic implications of the Haiti earthquake?