Latin America

EU-Mercosur: tapping the Atlantic’s potential

Paula Lamoso. Expert Comment 4/2017 - 31/1/2017.

Although the Mercosur-EU agreement is a first generation FTA, mainly focused on tariff reductions, it is also necessary to highlight its geo-political significance, and potential.

China: a partner for the development of Latin America?

Mario Esteban. Expert Comment 33/2016 - 11/7/2016.

If a new pattern of China-Latin America economic interaction materialises, it would foster sustainable and long-term economic development in the region. This scenario has a double-edged impact on EU’s interests.

Spanish investors can capitalize on the low-carbon transition in Latin America

Guy Edwards & Lara Lázaro. ARI 33/2016 - 25/4/2016.

The implementation of the Paris Agreement and Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) offer significant opportunities for Spanish investors while supporting Latin American countries in the achievement of low-carbon and resilient development. Institutional, knowledge and infrastructure challenges require attention to maximise these opportunities.

China in Latin America: Repercussions for Spain

Mario Esteban (coord.). WP 3/2015 (printed, English version) - October 2015.

The strengthening of ties between China and Latin America has a double-edged impact on Spanish interests.

Political changes and populist policies in Latin America

Carlos Malamud. Op-Ed - 28/12/2015.

The elections in Argentina and Venezuela have encouraged different interpretations of a new political cycle in Latin America, which could entail the end of populist policies. However, it is still very soon to notice a change of trends, and the political consequences of the economic crisis will be different in each country.

A new era of dialogue and consensus in Argentina

Carlos Malamud. Op-ed - 15/12/2015.

The grand tragedy of the Kirchners' era of governance is the failure to have exploited the tail wind of the golden years of booming commodity exports. A fair part of what was then accrued was subsequently dissipated in populist policies that failed to allow an increase in national savings or the accumulation of greater social capital for investment in the future.

Brazil: playing with fire

Alicia García-Herrero. ARI 59/2015 - 30/10/2015.

Rattled by political turmoil and in the midst of severe stagflation, Brazil is really ‘playing with fire’. Urgent measures are needed to reduce the fiscal deficit along with key structural reforms to reduce the size of the government.

Rousseff Needs to Tackle Brazil Cost

Miguel Otero-Iglesias. Op-Ed - 11/11/2014.

Dilma Rousseff needs to win the battle against Custo Brasil.

India and Latin America: a new perception and a new partnership

Ambassador R. Viswanathan. ARI 37/2014 - 22/7/2014.

A new paradigm of both perception and of growth in the relations between India and Latin America is emerging, that should lead towards a longer-term partnership.

Will Poland re-discover Latin America?

Pawe Zerka. Expert Comment 9/2014 - 12/2/2014.

There are reasons to believe that Poland‘s government and business world have finally started to re-discover Latin America. What are the underlying reasons for this phenomenon and what should we expect from it?