International Economics

Can Spain afford the economic programme of Podemos?

William Chislett. Expert Comment 67/2014 - 11/12/2004.

The anti-establishment leftist party Podemos (‘We Can’) has unveiled its economic plan that is long on spending ideas and short on how to finance them.

Is China rebalancing? Yes, but with Chinese characteristics

Miguel Otero-Iglesias. ARI 59/2014 - 27/11/2014.

The Chinese economy is gradually rebalancing, but for the foreseeable future investments (and not private consumption) will continue to be the main drivers of growth.

Document of interest: European Commission - 11th Report on potentially trade-restrictive measures

. MI/DI - 19/11/2014.

Según este nuevo informe de la Comisión Europea sobre las restricciones al comercio en más de 30 países, que son importantes socios comerciales de la UE, preocupa el importante crecimiento de medidas proteccionistas en los últimos tiempos.

This year's edition of the report on the monitoring of potentially trade-restrictive measures of the European Commission's Directorate-General for Trade identifies the trade measures which were introduced by the EU's key trade partners between 1 June 2013 and 30 June 2014 1 and which have the potential to disrupt trade.

Message to Germany: Do not waste Spain’s reform efforts

Miguel Otero-Iglesias. Op-Ed - 13/11/2014.

Germany must take an extra step, and reward countries like Spain, in exchange for accepting its disciplinary dictates.

How to radically cut Spain’s unemployment: feasible or wishful thinking?

William Chislett. Expert Comment 64/2014 - 12/11/2014.

According to the Consejo Empresarial para la Competitividad (CEC), it is possible to cut the jobless rate in Spain to below 15% as of 2018 if very ambitious structural reforms are enacted

Rousseff Needs to Tackle Brazil Cost

Miguel Otero-Iglesias. Op-Ed - 11/11/2014.

Dilma Rousseff needs to win the battle against Custo Brasil.

Spain leads the world market for infrastructure development

William Chislett. ARI 52/2014 - 5/11/2014.

Spanish civil engineering, construction and infrastructure companies are winning more big contracts abroad.

Document of interest: European Central Bank (ECB) - Aggregate report on the comprehensive assessment

. MI/DI - 29/10/2014.

Informe del Banco  Central Europeo y la Autoridad Bancaria Europea que detalla los resultados  de los test de estrés a los que se ha sometido a los 130 mayores bancos de la Eurozona.

This report provides an overview of the approach taken and presents the results of the comprehensive assessment of 130 Euro zone banks conducted by the European Central Bank.

Spanish banks pass the ECB assessment with flying colours

William Chislett. Expert Comment 62/2014 - 27/10/201.

Spanish banks sailed through the latest EU-wide health check, signalling they do not need any more capital.

The euro for China: too big to fail and too hard to rescue

Miguel Otero-Iglesias. ARI 45/2014 - 13/10/2014.

The aim of this paper is to understand China’s strategic behaviour towards the European Monetary Union (EMU).